The Royal Commonwealth Society of Wales was established and developed in 2007. Mr PK Verma was approached by the Royal Commonwealth Society to act as the Chairman of the Wales branch in recognition of his extensive experience with voluntary organisations and his role within Wales’ political community. RCS Wales has the full support of the National Assembly and the leaders of the political parties within the Assembly.

RCS Wales supports the mission of the Royal Commonwealth Society; which is to support and promote the modern Commonwealth, its cultures and its core values, through offering a forum for the debate, research and development of Commonwealth thinking on key international issues; through providing a centre for the celebration of Commonwealth art and culture; through its educational, youth and outreach programmes; through its commitment to the continued growth and resilience of Commonwealth civil society; and through its international network of members, honorary representatives and affiliated branches and societies.

RCS Wales will continue to ensure that we remain relevant to the needs of a modern society by continuing  to focus on promoting understanding of the Commonwealth’s values and programmes, and to spread the Commonwealth message of tolerance, diversity, freedom, democracy, human rights and sustainable development.

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