Our Partners

RCS Wales Connections

Our gratitude goes towards the main connections of The Royal Commonwealth Society of Wales for their valuable support and commitments. These range from established businesses and organisations to influential and dedicated public peers, well known in the Welsh community.

Welsh Organisations

A handful of Welsh organisations have agreed to lend their helping hands in order for RCS Wales to meet it’s objectives and raise awareness of the Commonwealth year after year. We would like to thank them and show appreciation for their continuous support for RCS Wales.

Our Patrons

Meet our valuable patrons, Kirsten, Boyd and Debbie. Over the past few years they have agreed to lend their names to RCS Wales and have continued to add their unwavering support. Without a shadow of a doubt, their positive attributes will always continue to rub off on us.

Co Patron. Kirsten Jones

Kirsten Jones

Kirsten Jones is best known as co-writer of the highly successful, long-running sitcom, High Hopes. She is also recognised as an actress, director and producer. She has been a keen supporter of RCS Wales in recent years, supporting our youth summit events and laying a wreath on behalf of the Commonwealth at Remembrance Day ceremonies.

Co Patron. Boyd Clack

Boyd Clack

Boyd Clack is a Canadian-born Welsh writer, actor and musician. A graduate of the Welsh College of Music and Drama, Clack is best known in Wales as the creator, co-writer and leading actor in the TV sitcoms Satellite City and High Hopes. He has joined RCS Wales at many events in recent years. On Commonwealth Day 2020, at our flag-raising ceremony in Cardiff, he spoke about the importance of the Commonwealth’s goal of delivering a common future for all.

Youth Engagement Officer. Debbie Field

Debbie Field

Debbie Field is RCS Wales’ Youth Engagement officer. After a career as a Nightingale Nurse in the NHS, Debbie retired from healthcare and began working with young people in local schools to help Wales’ youth achieve their goals. Now, Debbie co-ordinates the RCS Youth Summit and works as the Chair of Governors for local Welsh primary schools.

Youth Engagement