Latest Past Events

Commonwealth Day: Service of Celebration

Westminster Abbey London

Organised by the Royal Commonwealth Society, the Commonwealth Day Service is the world’s premier, public event to celebrate the Commonwealth of Nations and provides an opportunity to focus attention on this voluntary association of 56 countries and their commitment to promoting democracy, human rights, the rule of law and equality for its 2.5 billion citizens....

Memorial Service For Minority Ethnic & Commonwealth Servicemen & Women

Cathays Park, Cardiff 19 King Edward VII Ave, Cardiff, Cardiff

The Chairman of the Royal Commonwealth Society Mr Rogeiro Verma said: "This is a historic moment that will ensure that for years to come, the families of commonwealth citizens who gave their lives in the World Wars and those who were left behind will know that Wales honours their sacrifices and recognises their selfless contributions...

Commonwealth NDC Webinar Series

Webinar Online

The Commonwealth Secretariat through its Commonwealth Climate Finance Access Hub supports member countries in accessing climate finance to support climate mitigation, adaptation and resilience efforts, thereby contributing towards the implementation of their Nationally Determined Contributions. Under the NDC Partnership’s Climate Action Enhancement Package (CAEP) Partnership Action Fund (PAF) initiatives, the Commonwealth Secretariat delivered targeted support for the enhancement and implementation...