Connected Communities

In this divided world, there has never been a greater need for the Commonwealth’s values. Through events in Wales such as our Youth Summits and Commonwealth Day Flag-Raising Ceremony, we champion the power of connected communities to build a better world.

communities uniting together

Coronavirus Battle Advances Commonwealth Ideal of Connected Communities

“There have seldom been times when we have been more aware of our connectedness and interdependence” said Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland.

RCS Wales Support Our NHS Heroes

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced strict curbs on life in the UK on March 24, stating that people must stay at home unless it’s an absolute necessity. Since then, it has become more important than ever for our communities to look out for one another. On April 1 2020, members of the Royal Commonwealth Society of Wales did just that.

RCS Wales supporting the NHS

Why Community Matters

Community plays an important part in this year’s Royal Commonwealth Society theme for 2019 of “A Connected Commonwealth”, fostering relationships between nations with differing communities, working together towards common goals of equality and inclusive society.