The Legacy of Liberation 80 Campaign

The “Legacy of Liberation 80” campaign presents a momentous opportunity to commemorate the 80th anniversaries of pivotal World War II events, with a special emphasis on D-Day. 

The campaign aspires to cast a renewed emphasis on the act of remembrance, highlighting CWGC’s important role in honouring the human cost of these seminal historical moments. 

The campaign captures several pivotal moments during World War II on the 80th anniversaries. From The Great Escape, war in the east, to the D-Day Landings, through to Victory in Europe and Japan, The Legacy of Liberation 80 remembers these remarkable events.

Morfudd Meredith is appointed as Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of South Glamorgan with RCS Wales Chairman Rogiero Verma were honoured to be at Lighting Their Legacy event at Cathays Cemetery in Cardiff today with@CWGC & @PoppyLegion. 80 years on from D-Day, the Torch of Commemoration has begun its journey sending the torch on it’s UK tour @DDay80

There are many ways the public can join us to mark these anniversaries throughout 2024 and 2025 – all details are on our interactive web hub:

At its heart, the initiative seeks to bridge the past and present, ensuring the stories of those who fell are passed on to younger generations, thereby fostering a deeper, more meaningful connection to our shared history.

This powerful campaign is designed to resonate deeply with a wide audience range, from veterans and their families to young people and international communities.

The innovative web hub drives awareness and interest through engaging storytelling, historical context, interactive tours of our key cemeteries, For Evermore which features stories from the people in the battles, details of our events and much more. 

By focusing on humanising the connection to World War II and highlighting CWGC’s role in preserving these stories, the campaign will ignite a global conversation about the importance of remembrance.

Key anniversary events

  • Great Escape – Poznan, Poland
  • Battles of Kohima and Imphal – India
  • Battle of Monte Cassino – Italy
  • D-Day – France
  • Battle of Arnhem – Netherlands
  • Crossing The Rhine – Germany 
  • VE Day
  • VJ Day 

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) is proud to announce “Lighting Their Legacy”, a series of events and activities held at locations across the UK and Normandy throughout May and June.

The journey of the living flame of commemoration will start in Canada, travel to the UK where it officially launches on 13thMay and will travel across the UK before joining D-Day veterans and heading across to Normandy.  Upon arrival in Normandy, the torch will kick off another set of events where every CWGC grave will be lit in tribute to the fallen. 

A symbol of our commitment to never forget the losses made for freedom, our torch relay will bring communities together, as we pass a flame of commemoration from veterans to the next generation and keep the stories of the fallen alive. 

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