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How the Commonwealth is helping to create a sustainable future

The Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) champions the importance of environmental protection across the Commonwealth’s 54 member nations.

 Increasingly, people recognise that climate change is a pressing international issue. This has led to the increased prominence of environmental campaign groups, such as ‘Extinction Rebellion.’ In 2019, the group caused widespread disruption with demonstrations in London bringing some of the city’s busiest transport routes to a standstill.

On protecting the environment, the Commonwealth affirm that ‘sustainable management of the natural environment is key to sustained human development.’ They advocate collective action as the best path forward. This sentiment is shared by the World Environment Organisation, who state “None of us are immune to our climate crisis. We must take care of one another and work together to build a more just and sustainable future for all.”

The RCS is attempting to protect the air, land and ocean for future generations. Its attempts to tackle global climate change include ‘The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy’ and ‘Action for Oceans.’ You can read more on these initiatives here.

In recent years, The Prince of Wales has also teamed up with The RCS to advance environmental causes. On World Oceans Day 2015, HRH Prince Charles announced a photography competition in collaboration with the RCS, inviting Commonwealth citizens to celebrate the beauty of our oceans. This series of photography alerts global leaders to the marine environment’s value, the threat it faces and the importance of protecting it.

Half of Commonwealth countries are island states and so we strongly support the RCS and its environmental initiatives – it is vital that global leaders recognise the importance of environmental protection.

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By Caroline D.

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