RCS Wales supporting the NHS

RCS Wales Support Our NHS Heroes

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced strict curbs on life in the UK on March 24, stating that people must stay at home unless it’s an absolute necessity. Since then, it has become more important than ever for our communities to look out for one another. 

On April 1, members of the Royal Commonwealth Society of Wales did just that, offering their support to our NHS. Rogiero Verma, the Chairman of RCS Wales answered a call for help from Clare Louise Williams, who used to work with Llandough Hospital. Vilas Kerrai and Shefali Verma then cooked boxes of food which were donated to NHS workers at Llandough Hospital in Cardiff. 

RCS Wales would like to thank Deli Fuego for providing rice, and Clare Food Stores Cardiff for providing samosas. RCS Wales also donated boxes of bananas and Lucozade thanks to other kind contributions.

“That’s what kindness does, it breaks down the barriers,” Rogiero said when asked about RCS Wales’ good deed. Mr Verma also recognised the work of many others who are doing their best to help key workers at this difficult time. He suggested that when people see the generosity of others, there will be more of it coming in the future. It is this that brings communities together, promoting the Commonwealth ideal of connected communities. 

As the situation of COVID-19 unfolds, it is crucial to remember the importance of connected communities to unite people in a divided world. 

This sense of unity was echoed in a rallying message delivered by the Queen to the nation: “Across the Commonwealth and the world, we have seen heartwarming stories of people coming together to help others, be it through delivering food parcels and medicines; checking on neighbours; or converting businesses to help the relief effort.” She thanked the key workers for their efforts across the UK and sent the warmest wishes to all, emphasising that 

“we will succeed, and that success will belong to every one of us.”

By Elizabeth Y.

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