Wales’ Role in the Commonwealth

By Jingjing


(Image from: Sport Wales)

As a member of the Commonwealth, Wales established a branch of the Royal Commonwealth 12 years ago. Since 2010, the Royal Commonwealth Society of Wales has supported and promoted the core values of the modern Commonwealth and its culture to the Welsh people, including the themes of tolerance, diversity, freedom, justice, democracy, human rights and sustainability. In addition, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Wales Branch was established in 1999. This organization aims to bring people together from different cultures, religions and races, in an effort to enhance freedom, democracy and cooperation.

Wales has a significant role in conveying the cultural aspects of the Commonwealth, including being well known in sports. Wales is one of six countries to have competed in every Commonwealth Games since 1930, alongside Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand and Scotland. In each of the previous Commonwealth Games, Wales has achieved impressive results. Today, Wales hold a total of 306 medals and sit in 10th place on the all-time medal table with 67 gold, 98 silver and 141 bronze medals. In addition to its outstanding performances and achievements at the Games, Wales has also encouraged the spirit of sports in its society by promoting collaboration and community. Wales has also unveiled a blueprint for the future of sport in 2018. This includes raising awareness of sports in schools, providing some activities in communities and removing barriers for participating in sport. This highlights Wales’ heritage of excellent sportsmanship in the Commonwealth Games. It shows that Wales not only supports the spirit of the Commonwealth Games, but that financial support for the Commonwealth Games is crucial. One of the reasons for the successful hosting of the Gold Coast Games in 2018 was the National Lottery funding generously given by the Welsh Government. Wales plays an important role in embodying and promoting the culture and values of the Commonwealth.

Picture from: Sport Wales

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