Build Your Commonwealth Network

By Kathleen

As previous posts in our series have touched upon, you cannot underestimate the importance of being part of a community. But how do you build your community? You can be part of a community, but you will also need to build a community team around yourself and there’s one way to do that – get yourself out there and network.

Networking is often just associated with business, but that is not the case. Each friend you add on Facebook, person you follow on Twitter and brand post you comment underneath on Instagram, is part of networking. Today, you can connect with people around the world by picking up your phone. But you should also make sure you meet people and build connections in person. It is a scary thing to do, but it is so worth it.

I have been in the position of going to “networking events” by myself and lingering at the side of a room summoning the courage to just speak to one person and be part of the conversation. It is tough but taking that first step and going and speaking to one new person may just change your life. So here are three lessons to think about when taking your first steps:

  1. International friends are not as far from your doorstep as you think. Joining organisations with an international reach can connect you to people around the world. At RCS Wales, you can discover fellow citizens from around the world and then come to an event and meet them. Do not underestimate the opportunities that being part of a Commonwealth nation can bring!
  2. Saying “Hello” is just the start. That’s not meant to be scary, it is a way to start conversation. Engaging with an organisation with international members means you never know who you could end up standing next to, so being open and friendly is important. If you enter the
  1. Do not underestimate yourself. Everyone brings something to the table so do not sell yourself short. Networking enables you to connect the dots and figure out where you fit in. You will be able to help others and discover aspects of life you never thought you might get to experience. Building your network never ends either, and you should not let it, because you will never stop discovering new things, places and people. Plus, you can then bring other people into the network as well to share the magic and continue to make a difference.

Want to take your first step in networking? Connect with @rcswales on Instagram and @walesrcs on Twitter and discover opportunities, connecting you to the Commonwealth without having to travel!

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