The Queen’s Commonwealth Day Message 2019

The Queen’s Commonwealth Day Message 2019

The theme of this year’s Commonwealth Day is “A Connected Commonwealth”. At the Commonwealth Day on March 11th, Her Majesty the Queen attended the Commonwealth Service event, held at Westminster Abbey in London.

Shortly before Commonwealth Day, Her Majesty released a message to all Commonwealth countries, in which she said

“Today, many millions of people around the world are drawn together because of the collective values shared by the Commonwealth.”

The Queen’s message also stated that this year is a particularly special and important year commemorating the 70th anniversary of the London Declaration, when Commonwealth countries agreed to move forward as members of an organisation in freedom and equality. The good vision and sense of connection that inspired the signatories at the time have withstood the test of time. In the future, Commonwealth countries will continue to work together to continue to adapt to contemporary needs. In the theme of “A Connected Commonwealth”, it is hoped that Commonwealth member countries can be further linked through various channels. They can continue to cooperate and prosper under the collective values shared by the Commonwealth and principles of the Commonwealth Charter.

In April last year, the Queen welcomed leaders from 53 countries to Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting. During the meeting, the Queen and heads of state witnessed how the Commonwealth vision brings hope to people and continued to inspire the Commonwealth to find ways to protect the planet and humanity.

Through connections shared by the Commonwealth countries, everyone can look to the future with greater confidence and optimism, thanking all member countries for their cooperation and mutual support network. What has been proven by successive generations is that the goodwill of the Commonwealth may be intangible, but its impact is very real.

At the end of her message, the Queen states that:

“…people of all backgrounds continue to find new ways of expressing through action the value of belonging in a connected Commonwealth. I hope and trust that many more will commit to doing so this Commonwealth Day.”

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