The Model Commonwealth

By Daniel

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) is a summit that brings together the leaders of the Commonwealth in order to discuss a wide range of topics and issues affecting its citizens all over the world. One of the most important decisions of last year’s CHOGM was the agreement on a coordinated push to tackle climate change and pollution in order to protect the oceans – the Commonwealth Blue Charter. CHOGM, currently chaired by British Prime Minister Theresa May, showcases the power and the importance of cross-cultural collaboration at the highest level of international politics, even in times of polarization.

Being aware of the significance attached to international cooperation, the Commonwealth created Model Commonwealth Summits to give you a chance to gain first-hand experience. Following the concept of Model UN, Model Commonwealth Summits allow you to step into the shoes of Commonwealth leaders. You get to become the government leader of a Commonwealth country. In that role, you act on behalf of your allocated country, engaging in discussions, negotiations and talks with other participants representing other Commonwealth nations. The goal of the simulation is to find common ground through discussing and negotiating, just like the real leaders.

This might seem very challenging in the beginning. However, the sense of community and the mutual support makes everything so much easier. Engaging in discussions with other participants from all over the world allows you to really understand and unearth more about other cultures and countries represented. The event provides the opportunity to experience the diversity of Commonwealth nations from around the world without traveling, whilst also facilitating your chance to meet so many amazing people. Additionally, the event teaches a variety of valuable skills for your personal development. You learn how to present your opinion and how to engage in negotiations. By improving your level of critical thinking and intercultural competency at the same time, you also gain additional skills that will prove to be very valuable for your future.

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