A Connected Commonwealth 2019 theme


What is the Commonwealth Theme?

Every year, a new theme is chosen by the governments of Commonwealth member states and organisation as the focus for all activities and events during the subsequent year. Agreed in consultation with representatives of Commonwealth civil society and presented for approval by Her Majesty The Queen, in her role as Head of the Commonwealth. This year the theme is ‘A Connected Commonwealth’.

What does ‘A Connected Commonwealth’ mean?

Our people, governments and institutions have been attempting to make strong connections. These connections cover various aspects and fields through far-reaching and deep-rooted networks. We share a common vision to protect natural resources and the environment through collaboration, especially to safeguard the oceans which are shared around the world, connecting many of our members nations.

In addition, 2019 also marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Commonwealth in its current formation. The theme of ‘A Connected Commonwealth’ elaborates our everlasting values and continuous involvements. These have been achieved through the determination of our culturally distinguished and diverse nations working together as a family in friendship and goodwill.

How are we implementing the theme?

In accordance with the theme ‘A Connected Commonwealth’, the Royal Commonwealth Society, as a network of individuals and organizations who are committed to improving the lives and prospects of Commonwealth citizens across the world, has made the effort to continue to promote the values of the Commonwealth. This has been implemented through multiple activities in different fields such as trade, education and sport. The aim is to get all people, especially women and young people as well as marginalized communities, to be engaged together to champion human rights, democracy and sustainable development.

We look forward to what 2019 will bring in further uniting and connecting Commonwealth nations together through the work of the Royal Commonwealth Society, including the work of our branch in Wales.

Our Previous Themes in the past 10 years have included:

2018: ‘Towards a Common Future’

2017: ‘A Peace-building Commonwealth’

2016: ‘An Inclusive Commonwealth’

2015: ‘A Young Commonwealth’

2014: ‘Team Commonwealth’

2013: ‘Opportunity through Enterprise’

2012: ‘Connecting Cultures’

2011: ‘Women, Agents of Change’

2010: ‘Science, Technology and Society’

2009: ‘The Commonwealth @ 60 – Serving a New Generation’

2008: ‘The Environment – Our Future’

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