RCS Wales 2020 Youth Summit Postponed

Each year the Royal Commonwealth Society of Wales holds its annual Youth Summit for Welsh pupils.  The Youth Summit is a fantastic event which engages young people from across Wales in the interest of democracy and provides the opportunity for pupils to get involved in global events.

The RCS Wales Youth Summit is supported by the Royal Armed Forces.  Each year, the RAF tasks Youth Summit participants with designing a democratic response to a humanitarian mission as representatives of Commonwealth nations.  The day consists of a welcoming ceremony delivered by an impassioned celebrity, followed by a morning dedicated to strategising and delegating.  A themed lunch is provided before the pupils engage in the Summit for the afternoon.

Our annual Youth Summit is a great way to involve young Welsh people in the Commonwealth as it paves the way for a new generation of politicians and humanitarians. To sign up talk to your schools administration or email debbie@rcswales.org