The Future of the Commonwealth

A More Connected Future with Common Values

As a unique international network, the Commonwealth shares many valuable assets including history and sense of community. It is through the foundation of these common values that the Commonwealth has been functioning in a family atmosphere for years.

To approach a more connected and brighter future, the Commonwealth continues to offer every possible opportunity for all members’ voices to be heard, and engaged. It is acknowledged and applied that all countries and regions work together. In fact, this is one of the best traits of the Commonwealth – providing a platform on which nations of all sizes share an equal position to speak. It is also considered by smaller nations as a means to cultivate and consolidate their relationships with the UK and other international players.

A Sustainable, Youth-led Future

Young people are one of the crucial assets for the development of the Commonwealth. Without a doubt, they are of fundamental importance for its sustainable future. As Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex has said, ‘You are the future of the Commonwealth.’ Youthfulness is a phase of thorough and all-round alteration in physique and mentality, society and environment, regionality and universality. As young people, we develop a core of absolute strength. We think big, hope for the best and envision a better tomorrow, making unceasing efforts to turn our lifelong dreams into concrete actions. Only through inspiring the growth of young people can a solid base for the future be formed, the world shaped and the Commonwealth developed.

As a result, it is worth making efforts in boosting youth development through multiple methods, especially through education. However, there has not been enough investment in education in many regions, which we believe should be the focus of the Commonwealth as ‘the youth today, the leaders tomorrow’.

How are we implementing?

To enhance relationships and connections amongst Commonwealth countries, the Royal Commonwealth Society has been running various campaigns internationally, nationally and locally through its interconnected branches over the world. These include the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition, Commonwealth Family Day, and the RCS Asia Conference.

Meanwhile, the Royal Commonwealth Society has been making tremendous efforts on boosting the development of youth in areas like employment, education and skills training, through programs like the Model Commonwealth Summit , the Commonwealth Youth Games and International Youth Networks.

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