What Do You Think About the New RCS Wales Logo?

By Mengfan


The Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) is a unique organization. It is an NGO (non-government organisation) that contributes to the role of the modern Commonwealth and its 53 members countries. With different target audiences and diverse ideas, RCS also has branches in multiple countries and regions. It works with branches to establish closer ties with other Commonwealth regions. The Commonwealth once faced the problem of inconsistent identity and cognition, so RCS rebuilt the organisation. As an important member of the RCS organization, RCS Wales also responded positively.

The new RCS Wales logo brings together the two parts of the organization under a common image. By introducing four strips of different colors on each logo, each line is different and distinguishable, with each colour representing different continents. The Commonwealth contains members from different continents, with member countries across the world. The RCS Wales logo also embodies this philosophy as an active branch, assisting the main body in promoting the development of the Commonwealth. At the same time, the overlapping ribbons symbolize the diversity and inclusivity of the Commonwealth. RCS Wales share the Commonwealth ideal in hoping that the 53 member countries from different continents will work together for a better life and future for all mankind. With the support of the main organisation, RCS Wales are actively involved in implementing the RCS activities across Wales, continuing to promote development and progress for all. What’s more, RCS Wales also pays attention to environmental issues. We call on young people to focus on the Commonwealth Blue Charter and work together with RCS branches to keep the ocean clean.

If you want to know more about RCS Wales and our events and projects, please follow our Twitter @walesrcs and Instagram accounts @rcswales for more information.

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