Four Reasons You Should Attend Our Youth Summits

By Mengfan

Every two years, the Royal Commonwealth Society hosts a two-day Youth Summit in different regions to reach out to young people in the local community. During the Summit you get the opportunity to work together with other young people to understand how you can each make a difference and play a bigger role in your community. In 2018, RCS Wales joined with Coleg Gwent, Eden Project Communities, the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force and the Army to host the Youth Summit in South Wales. As a regular event, we wanted to give you an insight into it as an event in future that you will not want to miss.


Morning Session – Armed Forces Humanitarian Exercise

In this session, attendees were guided in activities by officers from the Royal Air Force, the Royal Navy and the Army, who all have extensive experience in humanitarian assistance.

The task was designed to give the chance to gain experience and learn valuable skills.

  • The task was to propose a workable plan for a humanitarian disaster. Through this activity, participants were coached by military experts who guided participants in how to collect the most useful information and data, to then build and propose the most feasible plan of action, also enhancing your teamwork and leadership skills for life and future employment.
  • There’s also the chance to gain an insight in to other aspects of military work. There was the opportunity to learn about the humanitarian work that the armed forces do, showing that they not only have a presence in bad situations, but sometimes also guarding the country or helping other countries with aid and humanitarian help. This offers excellent one-to-one communication with experienced officers. There was the opportunity to answer all curiosities about the Armed Forces.

Afternoon Session – Youth Summit Debate

  • This session provided a great opportunity to experience the world without travelling. Not only could participants get to learn about and understand each of the 53 member states, but also get to experience how these countries communicate and strive to reach consensus. It was also an opportunity for young professionals to understand their role in our Commonwealth community and understand how they can play a role in shaping the future of the world.
  • During the afternoon, there was the opportunity to gather together to uncover problems, develop solutions, and offer potential important help to advance the Commonwealth.

To find out more stay tuned for our promotional video about the South Wales Youth Summit. And Experience the Commonwealth further over on our Twitter @walesrcs and Instagram @rcswales for details of future Youth Summits so you can get involved.

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